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Man City vs. Watford – 15:00 – 16th September – Match Preview

Marco Silva, the coach-at-large of Watford had – it’s fair to say a pretty staggeringly up-hill battle coming on to manage Watford… and indeed, with the team losing six consecutive matches, he certainly had his work cut out for him. Despite the seemingly impossible task, however, Silva has risen to the challenge, and has managed to score the team 8 points from a total of 12; not bad, at all, for a team considered by many to be in the lower 10% of all sides playing in the Premier League. Read more

Is It Acceptable That Some Premier League Teams Don’t Have Title Ambitions?

Barring a miracle, like the one we saw with Leicester City, very few teams in the Premier League harbour ambitions of winning the title in the near future. Every season you can probably gauge who thinks they can win it and the rest that aren’t aiming to. It’s usually determined by what players teams sign, sell and the amount of money being thrown around. Read more

Will Everton’s Wayne Rooney surprise Guardiola’s City?

You don’t need to be the world’s greatest football fan to recognise the skill, and ability of England footballer Wayne Rooney. One of the greatest footballers of all time, Rooney has become a household name within the UK football scene, and youngsters idolise the striker, who’s become somewhat of a Saint in the community, thanks to his incredible goal-scoring record, and his impeccable record on the pitch. Read more